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Conference Purpose

This conference provides an opportunity for nurses to learn the mechanics of the research process through interactions with experienced nurse researchers.  Novice and seasoned researchers are invited to submit abstracts on completed projects relevant to clinical practice, administration, or education.  Strong consideration will be given to presentations or posters that describe performance improvement projects with enhanced clinical outcomes linking everyday nursing practice to research.  Quantitative or qualitative research designs and evidence-based practice projects are invited to participate.  We encourage graduate nursing students, nurses in clinical practice, and nurses in academic and administrative settings to use this forum to present their work.

Types of Abstracts Accepted

Abstracts for paper or poster presentations may be for either a quantitative or qualitative research study or an evidence-based practice (EBP) project.  Each abstract MUST address each of the following criteria, respectively, for acceptance:

Quantitative or Qualitative Research Criteria

  • Research question or purpose of study
  • Theoretical or conceptual framework
  • Methods: including design, setting, sample, procedures, instruments, and data analysis
  • Major findings and conclusions
  • Implications for nursing practice

Evidence-Based Practice Project Criteria

  • Purpose or aim of project
  • Description of the intervention
  • Evaluation and outcomes
  • Implications for nursing practice

Preparation for Abstract Submission

To ensure that you are ready to submit an abstract, please make sure you have the following prepared for submission:

  • One (1) original abstract with name(s) of investigator(s), title(s), and agency/agencies – this copy is for publication in the conference proceedings, if selected
  • Note: Projects currently in progress must have data analysis completed by August 31, 2018.
  • One (1) Measure Objective for learning content.

When you are ready to submit an abstract, use the email link below to do so. 

  • To upload the abstract that includes your name for publication in the conference proceeding, if selected: (fill out form)
  • One (1) Biographical and Conflict of Interest Form (fill out form)


      What are the abstract format requirements?

      The abstract must use the following set of guidelines:

      • Abstract must fit on a 8-1/2 x 11 paper
      • Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format
      • Single line spacing
      • All margins must be 1 inch
      • Font: Times New Roman, Size 12
      • Maximum length of abstract is 300 words

      When are abstracts due?

      Abstracts are due electronically no later than Sunday, August 14, 2018 at midnight.

      Will I be sent an acknowledgement of my abstract submission?

      Yes, you will be sent an email stating that the abstract you have submitted has been received. 

      What if there are multiple authors, who is listed when an abstract is submitted?

      • Paper and poster presentations will be limited to one presenter whose name should be identified at the time of abstract submission.
      • Only the presenter’s name will appear in the conference brochure, however, additional authors will be recognized in the conference proceedings.

      What about travel and costs if my abstract gets accepted?

      All accepted presenters are expected to assume responsibility for travel expenses and presentation costs.  There are no costs covered by GPNRC.

      I have additional questions, who do I contact?

      If you have questions about abstract preparation or submission, contact Kelly Starver, DNP at 412-360-1930 or