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The Greater Pittsburgh Nursing Research Conference (GPNRC) provides an opportunity for registered nurses at all degree levels to learn the mechanics of the research process through interactions and mentorship with experienced nurse researchers.  

GPNRC Purpose

The GPNRC Conference includes a distinguished keynote speaker, podium and poster presentations by regional researchers.  Students from regional  schools of nursing, colleges and universities have the unique opportunity to present posters from their course work. Nurses from from clinical practice, academic and administrative settings, non-traditional settings as well as nursing students are encouraged to utilize this forum to learn more about the research activities and evidence-based practice that are occurring in the Greater Pittsburgh Region.  

GPNRC Objectives

  • Discuss the relationship of evidence-based practice and excellence in care to patients and families

  • Promote strategies to foster a spirit of inquiry among clinicians

  • Network with colleagues about nursing research practice

  • Utilize knowledge gained to develop clinical research studies

  • Leverage research to deploy best-practices

  • Create an environment that fosters participation of beginning nurse researchers

  • Promote collaborative efforts for research in the professional nursing community

  • Describe the relationship between evidence based practice bundles and patient quality outcomes